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  • Tobin Im(Ed.). (2017) The Experience of Democracy and Bureaucracy in South Korea Emerald Group Publishing.
  • The Experience of Democracy and Bureaucracy in South Korea Edited Tobin Im, Seoul National University, Korea 9781787144729 | 296 pages | Hardback | £66.95 €89.95 $114.95 Save 30% with promo code EMERALD30 South Korea is renowned as one of the success stories of fast economic development. The Korean developmental state was a highly efficient, meritocratic, and fully monopolized coercive force. These resources were skilfully leveraged to shape the direction of private sect..
  • Anthony Michael Kreis and Robert K. Christensen. (2013) Law and Public Policy. Policy Studies Journal 41. S38-S52
  • Law and public policy is a dynamic, interdisciplinary area of study that has broad appeal to scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders. Scholarship in the subfield is critical to our general understanding of existing public policies and calls for future and reformed policies. While some of the subfield’s utility and commonalities are obscured by diverging methodological approaches and topical foci, this review highlights some common fibers that run through the scholarship streams from public p..