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Michael Duncan and Robert K. Christensen. (2013) An analysis of park-and-ride provision at light rail stations across the US. Transport Policy 25. 148-157
Whether to provide a park-and-ride facility is a key decision for transit agencies when they are planning for a new or expanded rail system. We seek to better understand the reasons behind park-and-ride provision by estimating a logit model that predicts the presence of parking at a set of new light rail stations across the US. In terms of station area attributes, this model demonstrates a relatively predictable pattern, with parking facilities more frequently occurring in lower density environments where land is cheap and available. After controlling for station attributes, certain transit operators exhibit a greater propensity to provide park-and-ride facilities (e.g., those that serve multiple jurisdictions, have large service areas, and rely heavily on local funding). Further, parking provision also varies based on the characteristics of the municipality in which the station is located. Stations within municipalities that use mayor-council forms of government, for example, are more likely to include parking.
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