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Robert K. Christensen, Justin M. Stritch, J. Edward Kellough, and Gene A. Brewer. (2015) Identifying Student Traits and Motives to Service-Learn: Public Service Orientation Among New College Freshmen. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement 19(4).
Among college students, public service motives in uence choice of major or job. Although the link between public service motives and prosocial behavior has been established among working adults, researchers have not adequately examined how these motives a ect the reported behavior of precareer students. In this article, the authors explored how public service motives and certain demographic characteristics were related to the service orientation of college freshmen. More speci cally, they exam- ined whether public service motivation was related to a student’s proclivity to enroll in service-learning courses and volunteer frequently. Results indicated that public service motives were positively associated with both curricular and extracurricular public service activities among rst-year college students. Race and gender were found to be key traits a ecting engagement. e implications of these ndings for public service research and education are discussed.
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