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Greg Porumbescu, Catalin Vrabie, Jiho Ahn and Tobin Im. (2012) Factors Influencing the Success of Participatory E government Applications in Romania and South Korea. Korean Journal of Policy Studies 27(1). 1-21
While participatory e-government is increasingly advocated, few studies have investigated whether it is feasible across all national contexts. This study investigates how certain contextual features influence the success of participatory applications of e-government. In particular, it assesses how the political, economic, and social context in which a particular government operates influence the introduction of participatory e-government, and compares participatory e-government applications in Romania and South Korea. These nations possess important similarities and differences in their political, social, and economic contexts. The study results suggest that the success of participatory e-government projects is to a large extent contingent upon political and economic factors and less related to social factors.
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