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Hyun Kuk Lee and Min Ah Lee. (2014) Perceived Public Service Outcome and Happiness. Korean Public Administration Review 48(2). 293-315
Why should governments focus on happiness? In discussions about new public management, the public administration field has concentrated on how governments provide efficient and effective public service to their citizens. Meanwhile, few studies have directed attention towards the happiness of citizens, which is the central purpose of human life. This study explores the extent of governments’ contributions to the happiness of their citizens and, further, the types of public services that currently yield the greatest happiness, on the premise that human beings desire to live happily. We search whether the subjective happiness level of citizens can change according to how citizens perceive public service outcomes delivered by local governments. The result shows that unemployment problems, economic stimulation, cultural activity facilities, public transportation, garbage collection systems, and recycling systems have significant influence. Particularly, cultural activity facility service has the largest influence. This study suggests that public service can be classified by the criteria of ‘social importance’ and ‘life intimacy.’
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