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Jungho Park. (2014) The Effects of Government’s Information-Providing on Trust in Government and Service Satisfaction: Seoul Metropolitan Case. The Korean Journal of Local Government Studies 18(1). 291-313
This research aims to present more concrete evidence for the importance of government`s efforts to provide sufficient and accurate information to citizens via various communication channels. For this purpose, this research investigates the role of government`s information-providing to citizens to enhance trust in government and service satisfaction. Given that citizens` trust in government and satisfaction are subjective cognition or attitude, more sufficient and accurate information is likely to affect the degrees of trust and satisfaction by stimulating citizens to adjust their subjective attitude and bias. Specifically, this research hypothesizes 1) the positive role of information in increasing citizens` trust in government, and 2) the significant relationship between information and service satisfaction. In addition, this research attempts to offer theoretical explanation for how information providing can serve as a critical antecedent of trust and satisfaction in light of expectancy-disconfirmation theory. Findings of this research illustrate that government`s information-providing positively affects both trust in government and service satisfaction. In addition, findings suggest that future research should pay a closer attention to the mediating role of transparency and responsiveness in the relationship between information-providing and trust in government.
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