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Tobin Im, Jisu Jeong and Yunho Kim. (2013) A Study on Influence Factors of Russian Civil Participation: Focusing on Government Satisfaction and Social Trust. Russian Studies 23(2). 277-304
This research examines government satisfaction and social trust as the main influencing factors on civil participation of Russian citizens. In addition to these variables, characteristics of media usage as well as engagement in public organizations are also considered as influence factors. Recently, Russian citizens have low level of trust and satisfaction toward their government, and government and democracy indicators in Russia found in many international indices are also very low. The main research question of this study is whether this current situation of distrust and dissatisfaction toward government may lead citizens to participate in society more actively. The analysis based on Russia in European Social Survey (ESS) showed that the higher the social trust is, the more active civil participations there are. On the contrary, high government satisfaction led to lower civil participation. Also, access and exposure to information through watching television, reading newspapers and using internet also turned out to be influential to the civil participation.
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