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Hyun Kuk Lee. (2014) The Conceptualization of Government Competitiveness: Seoul Citizen Attitudes towards the Components of Government Competitiveness. Korea Journal of Public Administration 52(2). 120-153
Previous concepts and components of national competitiveness and government competitiveness were constructed solely by experts. Alfred Ho and Tobin Im criticized these concepts for focusing on a business-friendly environment, and that the measurements had been done mainly on entrepreneurs and their businesses. Ho and Im have tried to suggest a new citizen-oriented concept of government competitiveness, but it is still considered to be expert-oriented. This study utilizes a citizen survey to examine the validity of components of government competitiveness. The survey includes questions such as “What kind of government is highly competitive?” and “What is required for higher government competitiveness?” The research categorizes the responses by respondent age, income, and education level to see how these factors may affect the responses. It concludes with policy implications for the conceptualization of government competitiveness and its components.
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