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Soon Eun Kim. (2012) Perceptions of Factors Affecting Local Government Competitiveness. Korea Journal of Public Administration 50(3). 67-98
This study aims to analyze the factors affecting local government competitiveness through Q methodology. Q statements, each of which represents a factor influencing local government competitiveness, are extracted from journals and books discussing those factors. The P sample consists of 40 respondents deeply involved in local government affairs, as professors and researchers, public officials, or representatives of citizen groups. This study produces three factors, each of which stands for a distinct view on the factors affecting local government competitiveness: views of local governance, local administration, and resident autonomy. The analysis supplies a few policy implications. A diversity of perspectives on the factors determining local government competitiveness imply that it is very difficult to decide the relative importance and significance of each factor because the importance of factors affecting local government competitiveness can be perceived differently by the various policy actors. The factors affecting local government competitiveness are dealt with differently according to their personal features, Notwithstanding this lack of consensus, statements in this study can be used as a basis for putting policy weight on each factor affecting local government competitiveness because the respondents are all experts in the affairs of local governments.
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