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Tobin, Im. (2017) Revisiting Bureaucratic Dysfunction: The Role of Bureaucracy in Democratization The Korean Journal of Policy Studies . 32(1) 127-147
While many studies have focused on the link between economics and democracy in exploring the strategies adopted by developing countries, they have tended to overlook the role of bureaucracy in democratization. This study seeks the missing link between bureaucracy and democratization. What are the conditions necessary for bureaucracy to facilitate the democratization process of a country? This article begins by briefly reviewing the bureaucracy literature from Max Weber and Karl Marx and then argues that despite its shortcomings, bureaucracy in its Weberian form can facilitate the political democratization of a developmental state. This study concludes that although bureaucracy is often regarded as dysfunctional, it can be instrumental in the democratization process in the context of the developmental state.

Weberian bureaucracy, democracy, economic development, bureaucratic dysfunction
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