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Tobin Im and Jisu Jeong. (2014) A Challenge for Making Public Administration a Social Science?: Time Study. Korean Society and Public Administration 24(4). 81-108
What is the best way to theorize researches of public administration, a study of enhancing government competitiveness? Public administration researches should go along with solid theories from a science point of view. In Korea, lacking of theoretical foundation on public sector researches, public administration is in the identity crisis. This study shed light on the possibility of upgrading Korean public administration to a normal social science in terms of T. Kuhn’s framework. Specifically, this paper mainly focus on the contribution of time study. Firstly, it will discuss about how time study can be regarded as a social science and analyze trends of time study researches since 2002. Four categories of classification will be explored; policy and policy procedure, organization and bureaucracy, administration environment and institution, public administration and society. Then, this paper will try to find contributions and implications, also indicate the future directions of time study.
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