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Richard M. Clerkin, Laurie E. Paarlberg, Robert K. Christensen, Rebecca A. Nesbit and Mary Tschirhart. (2013) Place, Time, and Philanthropy: Exploring Geographic Mobility and Philanthropic Engagement. Public Administration Review 73(1). 97-106
America is a nation of movers, and this has implications for public and nonprofit managers who rely on donations and volunteers to increase the capacity of nonprofits and to strengthen local communities. This article explores the impact of time and place on philanthropic engagement, focusing on how three aspects of community—sense of belonging, social connections, and regional culture—are related to volunteering and giving to local organizations. The authors find that geographic mobility affects philanthropic engagement. Drawing on a survey of active older Americans, the authors find that three community factors —sense of community, social networks, and regional cultures— are related to one or both types of philanthropic behavior. The authors conclude by offering thoughts for future research and practice.
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