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Tobin Im, Wonhyuk Cho, Jisu Jeong, Min Ah Lee and Seyeong Cha. (2013) A Cross-County Comparison of Government Competitiveness: Measures and Evaluation. The Korean Association for Comparative Government 17(2). 95-124
This study attempts to measure government competitiveness of OECD countries as an exploratory step for designing internationally comparable index, taking critical view on the existing indices that lack the consideration on the role of government played in managing overall competitiveness of a country. Based on the government competitiveness concept defined in our former study, we collected comprehensive dataset regarding major sectors of government activity, and produced government competitiveness index categorized also into different stages based on systems theory. We found that the overall government competitiveness of Korea is ranked 16th among 34 OECD countries in aggregated score: economic sector (9th), cultural sector (3rd), and ICT sector (10th) ranked higher than ranking of aggregated score while educational sector (20th), Health sector (27th), agricultural sector (28th), and environmental sector (25th) ranked lower than that. In terms of scores in stages of systems theory, government competitiveness of Korea ranked 20th in the throughput stage while ranked 4th in the outcome stage. Korea ranked 12th in the input stage and ranked 17th in the output stage.
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