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Soon Eun Kim. (2013) Discourses and Directions of Structural Reform of Metropolitan Governments in Korea: A Study of Urban Government Competitiveness. The Korean Journal of Local Government Studies 16(4). 55-77
Structural reform plans of metropolitan governments in Korea suggested until now have been diverse. There is also a myriad of legislation bills proposed by members of the National Assembly. With these diversities in mind, this study aims to find an appropriate model that suits current and future conditions. In order to do this, we analyzed various cases in USA, UK, and Japan. By analyzing these cases from overseas, we confirmed that many current metropolitan governments are seeking to reform their structural forms in order to enhance the competitiveness of cities. In particular, attempts at city-county consolidation in United States today, despite disputes and failures, deliver meaningful implications. Henceforth, future structural reforms of metropolitan governments in Korea should seek to strengthen urban government competitiveness.
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