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Porumbescu, G. A., & Grimmelikhuijsen, S. (2018) Linking Decision-Making Procedures to Decision Acceptance and Citizen Voice: Evidence From Two Studies The American Review of Public Administration. 48(8), 902-914


Government decision-making procedures and transparency ensure responsive governance. Yet, there are few attempts to assess how these two factors shape citizens’ intentions to voice opposition to government decisions. We predict that the effect of decision-making procedures on voice is contingent upon the fairness of government decision-making procedures. We also hypothesize that the strength of this effect will vary according to how transparent the decision-making process is. We test these hypotheses using two survey experiments, where we assess how the effect of procedural fairness of a decision-making process on citizen voice varies according to the level of transparency. Findings reveal that participants are least inclined to voice opposition when a decision-making process is fair and transparency high. However, when a decision making process is unfair, greater transparency did not increase voice. We conclude that transparency can stifle voice for fair decision-making procedures but does not stimulate voice when decision-making procedures are unfair.

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