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Jesse W. Campbell. & Im, T.. (2016/09) Perceived Public Participation Efficacy : The Differential Influence of Public Service Motivation Across Organizational Strata. Sage Journals, 45(3): 308-330. Public personnel management, 45(3). 308-330(23p)
Given the crucial role of bureaucrats in determining the success of participatory policy-making efforts, understanding the factors that influence their beliefs about public participation is an important research goal. Building on public service motivation (PSM) and organizational echelons theory, this study develops a model of perceived participation efficacy for civil servants and tests it using data from a survey of South Korean central government employees. Ordered logistic regression analysis suggests that PSM plays a differential role in determining beliefs about participation across organizational strata. Monte Carlo simulations are used to better understand this effect. The results suggest that PSM is a significant factor in determining perceived participation efficacy for high-level civil servants but plays little role for lower level, frontline employees. A number of implications of this study, as well as directions for future research, are discussed.

public participation, public service motivation, organizational echelons, South Korea
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