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Megan LePere-Schloop, Brian N. Williams, Robert K. Christensen, and Daniel Silk. (2016) Appraising the appraisal process: manager and patrol officer perspectives. Police Journal 88(3). 231-250
While research shows that performance appraisals are important both as management tools and for their ability to shape organisational commitment and performance, researchers have also noted a ‘pervasive dissatisfaction’ (Coutts and Schneider, 2004: 68) with appraisals in policing. The standardisation of performance appraisal systems across local government departments in the United States may contribute to this dissatisfaction. Standardised forms may be difficult to adapt to diverse officer positions, and to the overall goals of police departments and agencies. This paper uses appraiser and appraisee survey data from a police department in a mid-sized southern city in the United States to examine whether standardised performance appraisal systems in local government meet the needs of local police departments and agencies. Findings suggest that it is important to tailor appraisal forms and systems by including officers and managers in the development of job-specific rubrics and training modules.
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