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Tobin Im and Hyun Kuk Lee. (2012) Reorganization of Next Government to Enhance Government Competitiveness. Korean Society and Public Administration 23(2). 111-139
The purpose of this study is to suggest directivity of government reorganization and detail reorganization plan to enhance government competitiveness. Fist, this study looks over at the purpose, cause, and history of government reorganization, and examines characteristics of erstwhile reorganizations using Crozier"s strategical analysis. The result shows that administrative effectiveness that had been claimed as a logic behind government reorganization was nothing more than a superficial objective. lnstead, it is noticeable that reorganizations were result of strategic games in which each main actors(President, bureaucrats, political parties) trying to maximize their own interest. Governmental reorganization in President Lee Myung Bak"s administration in particular is proven to have produced many side effects as a result of President dominated authoritative game. Hence this study tries to suggest rational principles and plans for governmental reorganization before it turns more into political game in the next administration. The reorganization plan to enhance government competitiveness, and is expected to develop further through reasonable and rational discussions of many scholars.
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