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2015 KAPA International Conference
“What is the Essence of ‘Good’ Public Administration?”
  • Date
  • Jul 16, 2015 ~ Jul 18, 2015
  • Venue
  • Sangmyung University, Cheonan, Korea
  • Contact
  • kapa21@kapa21.or.kr; centerforgc@gmail.com
The Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) is hosting this year’s conference to gather diverse ideas about what constitutes the essence of “good” public administration. Researchers from various fields and countries will present their thoughts and join a discourse about diverse perspectives on the topic. The conference features both international and national sessions.

Professor Tobin Im is the president of KAPA for 2015.

Researchers from the Center for Government Competitiveness will present papers regarding Government Competitiveness. Detailed contents are as below:

Dr. Hokyung Kim
“Prevention of Adolescents’ Suicidal Behavior for Improving Government Competitiveness: Text Analysis of Online Suicide Prevention Counseling”

Dr. Youngmi Choi
“Rethinking Government Competitiveness: A Critical Assessment of Competitiveness Indices”

Jisu Jeong
“Expansion and New Approaches for Government Competitiveness Research”

Byunghoon Han
“Measurement and Determinant of Government Capacity in Developing Countries: From Government Competitiveness Perspectives”

Seunghyun Lee
“The Impact of Official Development Assistance on Government Effectiveness: From the Perspective of Government Competitiveness”

Dongwook Seoh
“Public Housing Policies: An Aspect of Government Competitiveness”

Kris Hartley
“New Asian Statism: understanding urban governance in the post-developmental era”
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