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2020 Ministry of Education Academic Research Support Project Excellence Award Ceremony
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  • Dec 17, 2020 ~ Dec 17, 2020
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Professor Tobin Lim, head of the Government Competitiveness Center, was awarded the 2020 Ministry of Education Academic Research Support Project Excellence Award. The Ministry of Education has been announcing its excellence every year since 2006 to publicize the excellent achievements of the academic research support project, which has contributed to the development of academics and solving social problems, and to inspire the pride of researchers. This year, out of the 21,505 academic and research support project outcomes in 2019, 156 candidate projects received through public offerings and recommendations were deliberated by an evaluation team composed of experts in each field of study.

The Two Sides of Korean Administrative Culture: Competitiveness Or Collectivism?

This book examines how the competitive spirit and collectivism inherent throughout Korean society have influenced the culture and behavior of administrative organizations. In particular, by analyzing various phenomena that can be seen in competition between organizations within the government, we explored the sources of government competitiveness. In that it has historically explored the roots of the Korean government's competitiveness, the research on government competitiveness has been extended to the time dimension, and its own theory has been deepened. Furthermore, it provided policy implications to the governments of developing countries, who wish to share Korea's development experience by discussing the appropriate level of competition and optimal competition.

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