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Comparative Government and Government Competitiveness Research Group Session I
The Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA): Government Competitiveness Session
  • Date
  • Dec 10, 2020 ~ Dec 10, 2020
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In the annual winter conference of the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) in 2020, Center for Government Competitiveness made its two sessions to discuss the past and the future of government competitiveness.

Session 1 

Moderator: Professor Ki Min (Jeju University)

Presentation: Kim Kwon-sik (Small and Medium Business Research Institute), Comparison of Institutional Characteristics of Korean and Japanese Special Zones from the Perspective of the Spatio-temporal Dimension of Regulatory Reform

Discussion: Nakhyuk Choi (Gachon University)

Presentation: Young-Hwan Lee (Wonkwang Health University)/Jin-Won Lee (Prime Minister's Office), Environmental stringency, outward FDI and export: Evidence from Korea

Discussion: Kwang-Hoon Lee (Gangwon University)

Presentation: Eunjin Hwang (Seoul National University), A Study on the Diversity, Representation, and Procedural Justice of US Government Officials

Discussion: Cha Se-young (Korea Institute for Public Administration)

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