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The Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA): Government Competitiveness Session
  • Date
  • Jun 26, 2020 ~ Jun 26, 2020
  • Venue
  • Skybay Hotel, Gangneung-si Gangwon-do
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In the annual summer conference of the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA), Center for Government Competitiveness made its own session to discuss the past and the future of government competitiveness. Lee Si-cheol, a professor at Kyungpook National University, hosted the session of the Comparative Government and the Government Competitiveness Research Association. Lee Hyun-kook, a professor at Daejeon National University, presented the financial autonomy and government performance. Professor Lee Young-hwan of Wonkwang Health University discussed the importance of financial power in government performance. Cho Won-hyuk, a professor at Victoria University, and Kim Tae-yeon, a Ph.D. at Seoul National University, presented "Speaking up in Demanding Workplaces: Employee Voice in HRM and Organizational Performance of Public Agencies". Dr. Kim Kwon-sik of the Korea Small and Medium Business Institute discussed the practical implication of this topic. Dr. Kim Se-hee of Seoul National University presented the competitiveness of Korean artists' welfare and social security. Professor Lee Kwang-hoon of Kangwon National University discussed how culture policies make an impact on artists' life and thereby on their future potential. 

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