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Weekly Seminar
  • Date
  • Jan 18, 2016 ~ Jan 18, 2016
  • Venue
  • Room 108, Building #57-1, GSPA
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  • centerforgc@gmail.com
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SSCI paper review: The conceptualization of country attractiveness: a review of research (International Review of Administrative Sciences, forthcoming)
Despite the growth of literature on country attractiveness covering a wide range of research areas, minimal effort has been expended on its conceptualization in public administration. This article seeks to add to previous scholarly works by clarifying the concept and operationalizing its multi-dimensions to explain the effects of the attractiveness of nations based on theoretical grounding. More specifically, by examining prior studies in international business, tourism and migration research, the article attempts to reorganize the constituent elements of the concept into a multi-dimensional framework from a sustainable development perspective. This can be broken down conceptually into three spheres: economic, social and environmental attractiveness. The theoretical background for each dimensional effect is taken from signaling and soft power theories. The article presents a synthesis of the concept intended to cover all aspects of the empirical findings.
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