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Weekly Seminar
  • Date
  • Apr 30, 2015 ~
  • Venue
  • Room 108, Building #57-1, GSPA
  • Contact
  • centerforgc@gmail.com
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Second review session: A review of Government Competitiveness indicators. Policy areas, input-throughput-output-outcome indicators, their correlations, causal relationships between indicators, and raw data for each category have been reviewed. Furthermore, various new indicators have been suggested, and these are to be reviewed until next session.

Third paper review: Competitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession by Paul Krugman (1994).
In this paper, Krugman argues that the concept of competitiveness in National Competitiveness has been misused and misunderstood. In fact, he argues that National Competitiveness is completely different from Business Competitiveness.
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