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Weekly Seminar
  • Date
  • Nov 27, 2014 ~
  • Venue
  • Room 108, Building #57-1, GSPA
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  • centerforgc@gmail.com
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What affects the satisfaction of civil administration service?

The results of the survey are as follows:
1. Accessibility, convenience, speed, accuracy are the key factors. This is supported by preceding research.
2. Among the attachment to local society factors, identity apparently affects satisfaction in civil administration service. This implies the importance not only of the exchange process between public officers and citizens, but also emotions about the status (local society) of citizens.

The Second-stage of Government Competitiveness research

After analyzing data of the education budget of primary local governments (Seoul), the contents have been reviewed according to incremental model. Various independent, dependent, and control variables have been discussed.

Three research questions emerge from this study:
1. What is the Government Competitiveness?
- How to measure? What are the previous problems of indicators used to measure 2013 and 2014 Government Competitiveness?
- What is the difference in Government Competitiveness from similar concepts such as “National Competitiveness,” “Good Governance,” “Performance Management,” “Quality of Government” etc.?
- What are the sub-concepts of Government Competitiveness? Examples are efficiency, effectiveness, performance, trust in government, PSM, etc.
2. What is the importance of the concepts of time and space?
- How should Government Competitiveness be defined according to historical and geographical backgrounds?
- How do these backgrounds affect citizens’ notion on Government Competitiveness?
- What factors exhibit the major differences in Government Competitiveness between developed countries and developing countries?
3. What is the importance of causality?
- When Government Competitiveness is dependent variable, what are independent variables?
- When Government Competitiveness is independent variable, does Government Competitiveness affect the pace of economic development in developed and developing countries?
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