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Weekly Seminar
  • Date
  • Nov 6, 2014 ~
  • Venue
  • Room 108, Building #57-1, GSPA
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  • centerforgc@gmail.com
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Based on new institutionalism and behaviorism, the effects of the maternal protection system are reviewed.
The hypotheses are:
1. Maternal protection systems affect the behavior of members of the organization.
2. The introduction of maternal protection systems affects the cognition of female employees.
3. The use of maternal protection systems affects the cognition of women employees.

Nuclear plants are a major issue in Korea. Due to accidents in Japan and Korea, the morale of nuclear plants’ employees has been dramatically diminished. Since there has been no study regarding nuclear plant employees, the idea is to understand the job characteristics affecting employee performance, especially focusing on workers with shift work schedules.

Korea’s retirement pension system started in the 1960s. The system was introduced following a standard policy making process. There were four major interested parties: employees, employers, government, and banks. Based on their positions, the process is reviewed.
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