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Weekly Seminar
  • Date
  • Oct 9, 2014 ~
  • Venue
  • Room 108, Building #57-1, GSPA
  • Contact
  • centerforgc@gmail.com
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Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. However, its economy is currently developing. Oil deposits recently discovered in the country have ignited political and administrative problems. Because there is no official document about Uganda in the Korean language, this report aims to give details on policy coordination systems of Uganda with explaining Uganda’s Government Competitiveness. The political and administrative systems of Uganda are briefly covered. ODA systems in Uganda are also mentioned during the discussion.

Indicators for the 2014 Government Competitiveness index have been discussed based on 2013 indicators. The updated index includes 60 countries, enlarged from the list of OECD countries in 2013. Because the new index covers developing countries, new fields and new data groupings are necessary for the new data set. This seminar discusses these matters.
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