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National Research Foundation of Korea

Under the mission of promoting creative research and researcher development, the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) strives to become one of the best research funding agencies in the world. The NRF supports knowledge creation, innovative research, and a global research environment with nine major programs that cover all academic fields. Various projects of the CGC are funded by the NRF, which in 2014 assigned the Center status as a medium-sized research organization.
Seoul National University

Seoul National University (SNU) is considered the most prestigious university in South Korea. Founded in 1946, this national research university is located in Seoul, the capital of Korea. Under its mission of creating a vibrant intellectual community where students and scholars join together in building the future, SNU is committed to diversifying its student body and faculty, fostering global exchange, and promoting pioneering research in all fields of knowledge.
SNU Graduate School of Public Administration, Korea Institute of Public Affairs

The Korea Institute of Public Affairs (KIPA) is a leading research institute of public administration in Korea. Founded in 1959 along with the Graduate School of Public Administration of Seoul National University, KIPA seeks to solve a wide range of complex social problems resulting from rapid socio-economic development in Korea. Hence, KIPA produces not only theoretical and practical academic research in public administration, but also consultation for the public and private sectors. KIPA regularly holds both Korean and international academic conferences.
The University of Kansas School of Public Affairs and Administration

The internationally recognized School of Public Affairs and Administration at the University of Kansas (KU) offers academic and workplace-based professional development to strengthen the provision of public services in society. KU’s Dr. Alfred Ho leads a research group that works closely with the Center. In 2014, Dr. Ho and his students visited the Center and conducted research fieldwork in various locations, including Korea’s new administrative capital city Se-jong, and centers for private education known as Hak-Wons. KU and the Center frequently exchange research staff.